Foolish tax cuts

The flaw in Schoen’s thinking

Doug Schoen’s op-ed sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, Schoen’s thinking is flawed. For instance, Schoen is wrong in saying “People are working without paychecks and key agencies have stopped functioning, all while President Trump and the Democrats remain in a standoff over his unrelenting demand for $5 billion to build a […] Click here to view original post

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Bad habits...

Bad habits…

"As we limp through January with a wounded government, we are reminded of one thing. This shut down is a self inflicted wound. Who is at fault? Everyone who works in Washington." Spitting on the sidewalk is a bad habit. Smoking is a bad habit. Chewing snuff is a […] Click here to view original post

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Nancy Pelosi, cold-hearted bitch

Let’s be blunt about something. Nancy Pelosi is a cold-hearted bitch who doesn’t care about the survivors who’ve lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. I quoted MaryAnn Mendoza in this post . During Hannity’s townhall meeting, he asked the Angel families if they’d like to say anything to Pelosi. […] Click here to view original post

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"From my cold dead fingers!"

“From my cold dead fingers!”

"I will make a deal with the gun grabbers. The first time I do ANYTHING illegal with my firearms, then we can talk about losing my right to own. Until that time, my guns are my property, legally obtained, legally stored and legally used." Interesting day yesterday. I went […] Click here to view original post

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Sherrod Brown’s Christianity

It’s apparent that Sherrod Brown’s understanding of Christianity is limited. In this op-ed , Sen. Brown quotes from the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew: As usual, President Donald Trump and far too many in Congress, self-professed Christians all, ignore the wisdom of Matthew 25: When did we […] Click here to view original post

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Paul Wellstone - a moderate?

Paul Wellstone – a moderate?

"Folks, if you voted for Democrats this time around, I suggest you review your bidding. The new Democrats are not even close to being qualified to lead. Or to govern. Or anything. We need the adults back in charge, and soon." It has been said many times by many […] Click here to view original post

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Pour Le Encourager Les Autres”

Black transgender Minneapolis City Councilor was chastised by a barista at a southside coffee shop. The barista, who apparently didn’t know his place on the intersectional plantation, was sacked. A friend of the blog writes, quoting the Strib article : “My intent is to help them and the broader […] Click here to view original post

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