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Climate Hustle

I attended the one-night-only showing of the new movie “Climate Hustle” last evening.  I must confess it was disappointing.  I had hoped for a large crowd and that they would be exposed to the overwhelming scientific evidence that this “catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming” (CAGW) was a fraud, a great pseudoscientific hoax.  Instead I got sort of a Sesame-Street, short-attention-span flurry of images followed by several rounds of talking-head discussion.  The arguments in favor boil down to three rather questionably useful precepts:  1) a trend will continue until it changes, 2) correlation is proof of causation, and 3) that we can reliably predict the future AND we can change it (mostly by wishing it so).  All of these, quite reasonably, were shown by simple logic and observed data to be false.  There was enough real science to completely disprove the CAGW theory, but mostly the message was that this is […]

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Trump Supporters

No, I am not going to talk about those crowds that attend Trump’s rallies or vote for him in “winning” numbers in the primary process.  I don’t feel the need to psychoanalyze them as some sort of fool, groupie, racist or revolutionary.  I think they have a righteous anger against the tyranny of political correctness, the corruption of our news media and of our government, and against the “stupidity” of the current administration’s outrages and the Republican fecklessness at curbing it.  Leave them be; they have the right message but a poor messenger.  The supporters I am talking about are those who are angry just because they are ALWAYS angry at anyone who dares to speak the truth and makes no apologies for it.  These are the PC Nazis and their tactics are straight out of the Leftist playbook.  They riot, they shout down, they intimidate, they spout lies at […]

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Preparing for the Post-Apocalyptic Conservative Movement

Let’s get post-apocalyptic for a moment, shall we? Let’s pretend that the Republican Party has become all but irrelevant, that the Democrats have swept the election in November, and that we’re reconstructing the conservative movement from scratch. It’s a mental exercise that may have practical value. Both supporters and detractors of Republican front-runner Donald Trump have noted that the party seems poised to tear itself apart. The schism reflects a deeper divide among the political Right. It seems clear that we’re not all going to come away from this thing as friends united in common purpose. So how do we begin to heal and lay the groundwork for a resurgent conservative movement in the future?

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Pres trump would be worse than Pres Hillary

So if Donald trump is the Republican nominee, the choice for conservatives will be vote for trump, vote for Hillary, vote for a third party/write in, or leave it blank.  Given the choice of trump or Hillary, here is why I would leave the ballot blank.    President Donald Trump would be worse for conservatives than President Hillary Clinton.  Why? Because Trump would be just as likely to nominate liberal USSC justices, would continue Pres Obama’s abuse of executive power, and he would suppress turnout for down-ballot races.  But most importantly, when Trump nominates a liberal judge or abuses executive power, the Republican party would be powerless to oppose him.

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A Convener’s Experience on Caucus Night

As the papers and pundits will note today, Wednesday, March 2, turnout for the caucuses last evening was the highest ever. Our experience confirms that Minnesotans  are very concerned about the state of our nation. Republican participation was the highest ever.  My precinct had 70 attendees, slightly more than half were new. I was the convener and my husband was secretary. People were incredibly patient. When you take a classroom designed for 30 and put 70 people in it, there could be opportunity for frustration. There was none. With volunteers checking in people and signing up new people, handling volunteer sheets, etc.  things progressed smoothly. We took care of the legal requirements, held the presidential straw poll and elected delegates to the next level. Our 12 delegates plus three alternates included newcomers – welcome!

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Minnesota Conservatives Promote Balanced Energy Policies

ST PAUL—Conservatives have been fighting a rearguard action when it comes to shaping energy policy in Minnesota, and a group of prominent conservatives are aiming to change that.  They have formed a group called “The Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum” (MnCEF), aiming to reshape the politics and policy thinking of conservatives on clean energy. The leadership of the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum has released a “Statement of Principles” that outlines their approach to developing energy policy. It promotes an “all of the above” approach to energy production, encouraging the development of renewable energy while shunning punitive policies aimed at legacy energy production. The goal is to help conservatives shape the emerging energy economy along pro-consumer and free market lines.

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