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Andy Aplikowski

Andy Aplikowski is a life long Minnesotan. His wife Rachel and him live in Andover with a bulldog named Lugnut. Andy has been very active in the Republican Party and volunteering to help candidates get elected over the last 12 years. He started blogging in 2005 when he wasn’t running his family’s small business.    His blog personal blog is Residual Forces  

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Policy Guy

Policy Guy is the blogging name of John LaPlante, a public policy consultant and freelance writer/editor. He has written on a variety of public issues, but most frequently on K-12 education and health care. For three years, he was a columnist for the Saint Paul Legal Ledger (now called Politics in Minnesota). For three years, he oversaw a team of bloggers at State House Call (now defunct), which addressed healthcare policy from the perspective of analysts who focused on the state government. For roughly a decade he actively wrote about education for a think tank in Kansas, and actively blogged at The Detroit News. He has appeared in the Kansas City Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Daily Caller, and on WJR-AM Detroit, among other places. Publications he has edited have been mentioned by the Bloomberg Business, the Chicago Sun-Times, Governing, Health Affairs, the (U.K.) Guardian, and the Wall Street Journal, as […]

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Matt Abe

Matt Abe’s blogging career began at Scholar’s Notebook, aiming to replace the process-oriented Profiile of Learning state graduation standards with a knowledge-based version. He was able to see his wishes realized up close when he was selected to serve on the Minnesota citizens’ academic standards committee, led by then-commissioner of education Cheri Pierson Yecke. His post on integrated math is among the top search results on this topic on Google. Having become active in his local Republican organization, he started a political blog, North Star Liberty, which specializes in reporting on local political events, from BPOU meetings to the election-night event at Minnesota Public Radio headquarters. His projects based on the open-source content management system Joomla! led him to a tech role on True North.

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