Recycling proposal puts the cost burden of transporting trash on you

The draft cost-benefit analysis report released by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and prepared by an outside contractor makes it seem as if this deposit-return system could be set up in a way that would be self-sufficient. As cans and bottles are used and recycled, the money would simply be moved in and out of a revolving fund. But there are some serious potential costs that were either overlooked or which contractor and the MPCA chose not to mention in this draft. The proposal states that unlike in other Statewide recycling systems, “recycling centers” are to be set up across Minnesota. There will still have to be quite a few of these set up across Minnesota in order to be not just convenient but reasonably accessible, especially in greater Minnesota.   Recalling the debate in the legislature on the question of where rural Minnesotans would obtain a photo ID if such […]

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Proposed Bottle Deposit Law is a tax on your time as well as your money

You may have read recently of a discussion over a proposal to enact a bottle deposit law in Minnesota. Other states like Michigan, for example, have had systems like this for years.   The goal is to force people to recycle the deposit items more consistently by adding a fee on to the price of the item. For example, a 10 cent fee added to each bottle of a six pack would mean an additional 60 cents per six pack, which would be redeemed when the bottles were recycled. In Michigan the law requires stores to provide the means for recycling. When it was first enacted, most stores kept a counter busy with some unlucky employee wearing rubber gloves to sort the cans and bottles into piles while somebody else totaled up return receipt or dispensed the cash. Eventually, however labor costs and technology produced the deposit return machine. Insert bottles […]

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True North welcomes a new Sponsor: The Taxpayers League of Minnesota

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota and True North are now partners in each other’s success.  The League will be taking on some posting and managing duties on True North and adding its financial support for hosting the site.   True North continues to promote the work of an impressive group of conservative activists and policy experts, all based here in Minnesota.  Many of these writers contribute to the running and upkeep of the blog as well.

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The November state economic forecast: What are the takeaways?

The State Economic Forecast came out on Thursday, December 5, 2013. This is kind of the preview of the all important February forecast that will happen this year close to the beginning of the legislative session.  It will  set the expectations for whether the session will be about tax cuts or spending increases. Given that last session, the Governor and the legislature passed a $2.1 Billion dollar tax increase and that it’s an election year, it’s not likely that there will be another tax increase. In fact, the first thing that Governor Dayton said in his reaction to the November forecast was there since there was a Billion dollar surplus, was that he was looking to repeal some of the taxes that he put passed in 2013, namely, the business to business taxes and tack on some “middle class tax relief” by getting rid of the “Marriage Penalty” We agree […]

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It’s not a DONE DEAL until we know how it is being paid for !!!!

The Vikings Stadium deal is history, or so Mark Dayton, the Legislature, Mayor Rybak, Minneapolis City councilmembers and Vikings would like us to think.  On Tuesday Dec. 3, they will be handing out the fancy groundbreaking shovels at the Metrodome site and congratulating themselves on putting one over the taxpayers, of Minnesota and in particular, Minneapolis. Over in St. Paul, at 9 am, a coalition of organizations (The Taxpayers League of Minnesota, Minnesota Majority and Americans for Prosperity Minnesota) who opposed public funding to the Vikings Stadium will hold a press conference to voice their concerns with the current funding package and to make it known that those concerns continue as the funding sources may not pan out.  In addition, the Taxpayers League is hosting an online petition to give people a way to make their voice heard on stadium funding. The petition will be used to show that the […]

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