Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

We the people of the United States are the most diverse culture the world has ever known. Some of us were born elsewhere, but chose to come here seeking a better life: adventure, freedom to think for ourselves, to speak and worship and live as we please, the opportunity to try and fail and try again. Most of us are descended from people who came here for the same kinds of reasons. Some of us even have ancestors who came here thousands of years ago. And yes, some of us are descended from people who were brought here against their will. But today, Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday in which everyone can participate by remembering to be grateful. We have all been blessed with the precious gift of life. We have been surrounded by others – family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, even strangers – who have laughed with us, dreamed with […]

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10 Things Hillary Wants to Hide from the American People*

Here are 10 things that Hillary does not want released to the public. Some were mentioned a bit by Donald Trump during Sunday night’s debate but it pays to know that they are real. They indicate someone who has zero respect for the American public and our nation as a whole. (Underlined and bold are my comments.) #10 is priceless. 1 – When addressing a closed door audience, Hillary said that to be “successful, politically” you “need both a public and a private position” on pubic policy. During the debate, she decided to compare herself with Abraham Lincoln. Uh, no go. Abe was known as “Honest Abe.” Hillary, honest? No way. ([email protected], Speech For National Multi-Housing Council, 4/24/13, Email To Clinton Campaign Communications Staff, 2/8/16) 2 – When Hillary was speaking at a Brazilian bank, she said her “dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders. […]

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Do Blue-State Policies Lead to Prosperity?

Iowa Republican Reagan Dinner

A key reason I ran again for RNC was to continue building relationships with RNC teams across the US. Last night showed one benefit of doing so. I was asked to attend the dinner and invite other MNGOP officers. Committeeman, Rick Rice and his wife, Nancy and MNGOP Secretary, Barb Sutter and her husband joined my husband, Dale and me. This short post will summarize what we experienced in Des Moines. Well over 450 people attended. What we saw is what we hope MN will eventually attain: three of four US Congressional seats are held by Republicans; both US Senators are Republican; the governor, lt. governor and secretary of state are Republicans. The evening’s first speaker was Iowa State Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann. He is one dynamic speaker! He was followed by speeches from two US congressmen, both US senators, Grassley and Ernst; and Governor Branstad, all Republicans. The summary of ALL […]

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Mr. Trump and My Japanese Visitor

Ms Kazumi Kitagawa, a Political Division Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C., came to Minnesota last week to try to better understand what non-coastal Americans think about the upcoming presidential election. I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with her. “What is it about Mr. Trump that you like?” she asked. As I thought about her question, we talked a bit about non-political matters. I told her I was giving my oldest grandson beginner piano lessons. That’s when it hit me: When my grandson practices a piece to the point it comes together, his face lights up. The music suddenly comes alive! It’s an “AHA” moment when he realizes, “I get it.” It’s exciting, rewarding, and intoxicating. “I can do this!” The ancestors of every native-born American came here from all over the world. The survival of their journeys resulted in a trait that morphed into […]

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Trump and Marketing

Having entered politics rather late but with a marketing background (IBM), it always appeared to me that politics was a marketing endeavor. I was (and am) the minority with this view. Seemed to me that a political campaign was a 6-month to 1-2 year sales cycle with the “quota” deadline a Tuesday in November. In classic sales and marketing, you have a marketing/sales representative selling a product – the two are separate. In politics, the “product” is the candidate. Fast forward to 2016. Trump has taken the Clinton/Obama/Clinton celebrity and media promotions to a new height. Result, his team is masterfully marketing Trump. Events over the past couple of weeks show the brilliance of their approach. The latest triumph is the hijacking of Hillary’s notorious description of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorable.” The term has been embraced by Republicans and others as a badge of honor. Finally, Republicans […]

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Now - ours to lose...

Why Donald Trump? The man is real!

Donald Trump Visit – August 19, 2016 For those of us fortunate enough to be able to attend the fundraiser for Donald Trump and team held on August 19, it was wonderful. Many of you know I’m one of Minnesota’s three votes on the Republican National Committee (think of this position as a member of a board of directors.) During my first term, a number of presidential candidates attended RNC meetings – a very supportive group. Donald Trump was not one of them. But….. When he met Minnesotans in the receiving line, he asked questions – “How am I doing? What do you think about using a teleprompter (a redounding YES!)? Can we win Minnesota? (maybe…..), etc.” Then, he LISTENED to our answers and repeated them. (A rarity for candidates at this level, as far as I can recall.) His mind is sharp, quick. But it’s his demeanor and personality that […]

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A Convener’s Experience on Caucus Night

As the papers and pundits will note today, Wednesday, March 2, turnout for the caucuses last evening was the highest ever. Our experience confirms that Minnesotans  are very concerned about the state of our nation. Republican participation was the highest ever.  My precinct had 70 attendees, slightly more than half were new. I was the convener and my husband was secretary. People were incredibly patient. When you take a classroom designed for 30 and put 70 people in it, there could be opportunity for frustration. There was none. With volunteers checking in people and signing up new people, handling volunteer sheets, etc.  things progressed smoothly. We took care of the legal requirements, held the presidential straw poll and elected delegates to the next level. Our 12 delegates plus three alternates included newcomers – welcome!

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