Sen. Schumer’s ‘forgetfulness’

This LTE criticizes Sen. Schumer’s ‘forgetfulness’. That’s noteworthy but it isn’t the most distressing news for Democrats. The most distressing news is that it was written by a Democrat. It opens by saying “Sen. Chuck Schumer’s plea for financial support from Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind may […] Click here to view original post

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2 Responses to “Erin Murphy’s statement on the Thurman Blevins shooting”

It’s apparent that Erin Murphy hasn’t thought about crime from a police officer’s perspective. That’s totally apparent after reading this article . First, Jeff Johnson said “I watched the body camera footage from the Thurman Blevins shooting today. It shows clearly that Blevins was carrying a gun and that […] Click here to view original post

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s activism

In his open letter to the NFL, it’s pretty apparent that NBA superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar forgot to read the Constitution. In his letter, Jabbar said “In May, you implemented a childish policy about how grown men must respond to the national anthem: a player can stay in the locker […] Click here to view original post

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Meet Ilhan Omar, City Pages style

Ilhan Omar, violations specialist

Rep. Steve Drazkowski is one of my favorite state legislators in Minnesota because he’s a straight shooter and an honest man. In contrast, Ilhan Omar is my least favorite state legislator because she’s dishonest and she apparently thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. I’m basing my opinion […] Click here to view original post

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What is there not to like?

Kavanaugh vs. the Democrats’ base

This Politico article contains some of the best news I’ve seen all day. When I read “the party’s base is demanding Schumer and his colleagues wage a knock-down, drag-out fight”, I couldn’t help but smile from ear-to-ear. Let’s be upfront about this. I don’t expect this to happen. Still, […] Click here to view original post

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