Trademark tyranny

Regardless of your political affiliation, this should frighten you to your core. In a major blow to the Washington Redskins, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday canceled six federal trademarks of the team name because it was found to be “disparaging” to Native Americans.“We decide, based on the evidence properly before us, that these registrations must be cancelled because they were disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered,” the Patent Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board wrote in a 2-1 decision. I just re-read the Bill of Rights and failed to ascertain any inference or implication that someone possesses the right to not be offended. So basically what you have here is an agency of the U.S. government unilaterally deeming something offensive, thus punishing the Redskins’ organization despite not a single solitary law being broken. That certainly doesn’t smack of a free, democratic society to me.

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52 Pickup

One of the pleas by those who supported the building of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings (aka the Vaseline Dome, per my pal Mark Heuring) is it would strongly enhance the chances of the Twin Cities hosting a Super Bowl, thus being a boon for our economy. Apparently fleecing the taxpayers for close to a half billion dollars makes it all worthwhile for two weeks of fanfare in late January/early February.   Anyhow, the “dream” has become a reality. 

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