Abeler: Ready, willing

In Minnesota State Senate District 35, the SD where I reside, there will be a new senator in January 2017 given that incumbent Branden Petersen is not running for reelection. Of the 67 SDs in Minnesota, I would be willing to bet that SD35 is within the top 10 most politically conservative areas in the entire state. As such, we Republicans don’t have to “settle” for a candidate within the moderate wing of the party. Since the DFL is likely to play defense in order to maintain their majority in the MN Senate (currently at 39-28), it’s doubtful they attempt to make a serious play to flip a GOP stronghold.

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Yes, I’m well aware of the atrocious display of violence which took place in Africa earlier this month. How any human being who supposedly has a soul or a conscience could carry out such action is beyond comprehension to me. Naturally I’m referring to the ghouls of Boko Haram, who wiped out two African villages in two days. What did you think I was talking about?

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Not within the template, Part II

Say, do you remember those secret police tactics employed by Wisconsin law enforcement officials on the homes of those who supported Gov. Scott Walker? Well the primary whistleblower who cited the Milwaukee County D.A. (a Walker detractor) as the mastermind behind these investigations is now dead.

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