Roadtrip-Adventure-Ohio-West-Virginia-Bob Davis Podcast 879

Top40-Radio-Museum-Roadtrip-Bob Davis Podcast 881

Radio’s Unique Museum I worked in radio for years. Radio is still my first love despite podcasting for ten years now . Most noteworthy in this podcast is a visit to a unique museum. Learn more in Top40-Radio-Museum-Roadtrip-Bob Davis Podcast 881. Top 40’s Roots Top Forty radio’s roots are […] Click here to view original post

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Backroads-Adventure-Minnesota-Iowa-Bob Davis Podcast 877

Thanksgiving-Road-Trip-Planning-Bob Davis Podcast 876

Mega Road Trip! I have started the countdown clock for departure for my 2019 Thanksgiving Mega Road Trip. Find out why I only do back roads . In addition, why am I taking a trip through the American Midwest . Learn more in Thanksgiving-Road-Trip-Planning-Bob Davis Podcast 876. Back Roads […] Click here to view original post

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Congressman-Tom-Emmer-Part2-Bob Davis Podcast 874

Tom Emmer On The Record These days more important than arguing with politicians is getting them on the record. In view of election results in Virginia and Kentucky recently this podcast is most noteworthy. Learn more in Congressman-Tom-Emmer-Part2-Bob Davis Podcast 874. Focus On The Issues Especially relevant is are […] Click here to view original post

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Congressman-Tom-Emmer-Part1-Bob Davis Podcast 873

Once Upon A Time… Once upon a time in a galaxy far, my friend Tom Emmer and I had a radio show. These days Tom is a US Congressman . Join us for a the first installment reunion podcast in Congressman-Tom-Emmer-Part1-Bob Davis Podcast 873. Looking Back…Then The Issues At […] Click here to view original post

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