On the verge of – “something”…

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"We are definitely on the verge of "something". And maybe this "something" is no more than a wake up call. And maybe a wake up call is what this world needs right now."

I told my wife on our way home from Florida, this is a good time to return. We were a couple days early due to our health issues, but putting that aside, this is a good time to come home. Why? Because of "something". "Something" is the great unknown. The great unknown of the Corona Virus. Like, is this going to be a whole lot of nothing? Or is this going to be a game changer of some sort. Right now, to see how our country (as well as other countries) are reacting to this virus, I am ready to vote for the "game changer".
Come on Bird! Don't come back from vacation and be a panic merchant! Okay, I won't be. But I will say this. I don't think we are too many moves away from either mandatory or voluntary self isolation. And what does that mean? First off, schools. What do the parents do if the schools are shut down for a while and they furlough the students? Home schooling? Home schooling by whom? And how?
Then there is the work a day world. Already, companies like Amazon are encouraging employees who can, to work from home. Okay, so when they are working from home, can they also home school their youngins at the same time? How about shopping? Groceries? Church on Sunday? How much are we expected to cocoon ourselves? The CDC has already told us that IF we get a viable vaccine to this new bug, and if the bug does not mutate again, we are 6 to 12 months away from having enough to take care of our population.
But there is a bigger story here - much bigger. Just like in the movie War of the Worlds, the marauding Martins were only stopped by one thing before mankind was destroyed. A germ. A germ which the Martins had to immunity to. Right now, parts of our world are almost being brought to a standstill by a thing so small, it can barely be seen with a microscope.
Some say the death toll for this virus is 2%. Some say a bit higher. But what if when the next virus or bacteria appears, the death toll is 10% or higher? And we have no vaccine? What is the play? Or as the young folks say, "What is the plan, man"?
Right now, we are being advised by the powers that be to "hunker and bunker". Stock up on everything, except surgical masks. And then what? Wait. Wait for what? The vaccine? Wait for up to a year?
What kind of a plan is that? Meanwhile, what happens to our kids in school? Our jobs? Our anything? Listening to our government experts all the home from Florida on Sirius Radio, they are just as confused as we are. There is no "plan, man".
The big joke right now is to make sure you have enough toilet paper stocked up. Okay, that is important to a degree. But you can't eat toilet paper, if the shelves at the store start to go bare. We are definitely on the verge of "something". And maybe this "something" is no more than a wake up call. And maybe a wake up call is what this world needs right now.