It all makes sense now

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It all makes sense now

If you've ever listened to policy proposals from the likes of Sens. Bernie Sanders & Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren as well as Reps. Tide Pod Evita Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Ilhan Omar, you likely wondered aloud where they come up with the numbers to fund their pie-in-the-sky initiatives. Apparently raising taxes a nominal amount on the top 1% income earners will fund their multi-trillion dollar pipe dreams.

On Thursday evening, leftist media types Brian (my helicopter was shot down in Iraq) Williams and NY Times Editor Mara Gay validated an egregiously false tweet put forth by journalist Mekita Rivas.

Uhhh.....two issues here.

First and most obvious: 500 million dollars into 327 million people is $1.53, not $1+ million.

And secondly, didn't you catch Joe Biden's comment at a recent Democrat presidential debate? 150 million people no longer exist due to being killed by violence since 2007. So mini Mike actually could have doled out $2.82 per American!

But I digress.

If we've learned nothing else, we now understand why "progressives" believe their multi multi trillion dollar policy proposals are so attainable. They're simply utter buffoons when it comes to basic mathematics and have willing accomplices in the media to validate it all. Not a bad gig, eh?