Life – so they say…

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Life - so they say...

"To quote from the musical Hair, from many decades ago - 'What a piece of work is man'. Amen to that! And we might add, what a piece of work is each and every plant and animal on planet Earth."

Yesterday, when it was bone chilling cold, I went out to the back garage with some more cracked corn for the critters. As I was leaving the garage, I looked out at the somewhat desolate landscape, which is now our back yard. It was teaming with animals. Small birds, large birds (turkeys), deer, red squirrels, gray squirrels and so forth. As I came back into the house, it gave me pause to think.
Our astronomers are working 24 X 7 (and then some), to try and find life on any of the planets in our solar system, as well as planets beyond our solar system. We listen for radio signals via our SETI program. We look at meteors which have come to Earth to see if any contain fossils of ANYTHING that lived elsewhere. So far? Zip, na-da, nothing.
But Earth is different. Scientists now believe there might be 8.1 million different species of life on planet Earth. Plus - once the oceans are fully explored, that number could go up. But for some reason, we take this cornucopia of life for granted on our planet. When we see or explore other planets which are totally void of life, we should cherish each and every life form which exists on this planet.
But we don't. In fact, the life form which is at the top of the list, the only one which can logically think and reason, has really taken it tough from the rest of us. Many already know that since 1973 in the United States, we have killed over 50,000,000 unborn babies. But it gets worse. Worldwide since 1980, we have killed over 1.5 billion unborn babies! That is enough to inhabit a planet.
As my deep thinking continued, I thought about what it takes to create life. It is so complicated, so intricate, we can't. We are learning how to imitate life, but we cannot create it. Only God can create souls in mankind, and we will never be able to master that craft.
What is the point in all this thinking on a very cold day? We are blessed to live on this planet. We live here by purpose, by design of God. It is not by accident. Every creature which has been created, has some purpose. Some we know, some we might never know. Every life is special - especially human life.
To quote from the musical Hair, from many decades ago - "What a piece of work is man". Amen to that! And we might add, what a piece of work are each and every plant and animal which lives on planet Earth. We are blessed to live here. We are blessed to be alive. We are blessed to look out on God's living room, and see many of the other wonderful species we live with - even on a bitterly cold day.