When the well runs dry

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When the well runs dry

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I'm walkin', yes indeed

Sometime back in the 1950s, Fats Domino asked the question:

What 'ya gonna do when the well runs dry?
You're gonna sit right down and cry
What 'ya gonna do when I say bye-bye?
All you're gonna do is dry your eye
The Articles of Impeachment that Adam Schiff and his pals dropped off at the Senate are the Belway equivalent of a flaming bag of poop left on someone's porch. There isn't a case to be made in any event -- the bottom line is the president gets to conduct foreign policy as he sees fit and if the denizens of the Deep State doesn't agree, they can resign their positions and get a paying gig on CNN. Whatever you think of Donald Trump, as president he had the right to structure his negotiations with Ukraine as he saw fit and he certainly had the right to fire a recalcitrant ambassador who was conducting a rogue foreign policy on her own initiative.

The process will continue, of course -- Lawfare is busy manufacturing new outrages and demands. Meanwhile, Trump signs trade agreements with China. I do hope Mitch McConnell kills the whole enterprise with great haste, although he probably won't.

There will come a time when we actually have a president who needs to be removed from office. Impeachment is a necessary tool. By deploying this tool in such a ridiculous fashion, the half-assed carpenters of the House have rendered the tools useless. They think they've forever tarnished the Bad Orange Man, but they couldn't be more wrong.