DFL Doublespeak

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The DFL, 2019: “Guns are out of control! Our cities are victims of “gun culture’s” love of guns over the children! Blood is running in the streets directly onto your hands!”

The DFL, 2020 (in response to the Senate GOP’s recognition of the crime problem in the DFL-controlled Metro area): “Oh, quit being tribalist and divisive. It’s not that bad”.

No, really:

Democrats who control the House said the GOP was trying to stoke fear among Minnesotans.
“It’s unfortunate that the playbook from Donald Trump and the Washington, D.C. Republicans is demonize and divide,” House Speaker Melissa Hortman said in an interview. “I’m really disappointed to see Minnesota Republicans going down that same path.”

Thing is, the MN DFL can have it both ways – at least with our media.