If war comes a knocking…

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If war comes a knocking...

"Were we wrong in taking out the general? No. We should have done this years ago. He was bad news, and as we know, bad news does not get better with age."

Last night, I put a post on social media. It said, this morning we could be a war, or at peace. Someone rightly corrected me - "Bull****! We have been at war for 19 years in Afghanistan." He was right. We have. We have been at war with a nomadic people who live like we did centuries ago. Yet, with the terrain in that country as well as their fighting spirit, they have proven tough to beat. And - here is the distinction with a difference - they have no ability to strike our homeland. They can only strike our troops who are fighting over there.
Iran however, is a different story. No, they are no match for the power of the United States. But that does not mean they cannot hit back. And hard. They have been working on a nuke. Lord knows at what stage they are at. Bebe seems to think they are currently at the "red line". Plus they have developed cyber warfare capabilities. But the thing which worries me the most, is what they might have procured from the Russians or Chinese which we don't know about. Like, state of the art anti-ship missiles, which would possibly take out one of our carriers. Or something hypersonic and conventional which would hit Tel Aviv.
President Trump is right. Many of us have seen this battle brewing since 1979. The fact the President told the Iranians should they retaliate against us, he would hit 52 targets in Iran, is no coincidence. That is the same number as hostages they kept in 1979.
It will be hard to keep Israel out of this skirmish, as well as the Saudis. We are not the only ones with a bone to pick with the Iranians. The problem is, baring sleeper cells in our country, Israel and the Kingdom are easy for the Iranians to reach. By the way, if Israel is attacked by Iran, they will play for keeps.
What if we have sleeper cells in this country, as some have suggested? How hard would it have been to infiltrate our borders? Knowing what our southern border has been like for many, many years - not hard at all. Even our northern border (via getting into the "social justice" land of Canada) would not have been hard to breach. And because we are so accustomed to being somewhat isolated, our country is replete with "soft targets". A sleeper cell, properly trained and armed, could make the mass shootings we have had in this country look like child's play in comparison.
The best possible outcome would be for the Iranians to just call it a day. The general was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was not assassinated - he was an enemy combatant, killed on the battlefield. It happens in war. The worst outcome if for Iran, would be to go to war, or a proxy war with us, Israel and maybe the Kingdom. It would change the world for a long, long time. It would change the Middle East, maybe forever.
Were we wrong in taking out the general? No. We should have done this years ago. He was bad news, and as we know, bad news does not get better with age. Are we headed towards war? Maybe cooler heads will prevail - but what we have seen of the theocracy in Iran - there are no cooler heads over there. We might end up having a fight which we can't avoid. As such, we would be going into a dark room and lighting a match. What we find in that dark room might be what we expected, or it might not be.