Putting Iran on its heels

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I’ve spent much of today listening to Democrats talking about the inevitability of Iran striking back as retaliation for the Trump-ordered airstrike against Gen. Soleimani. Tonight, President Trump decided that flipping the script on one of Iran’s proxies was in order. First reports are that “Iraqi official claims 5 Iranian-backed militia members killed in airstrike north of Baghdad. An airstrike Friday hit two cars carrying members of an Iran-backed militia north of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, killing five members, an Iraqi official told The Associated Press. The official added that the identities of those killed were not immediately known. It was not immediately clear who launched the strike.”

This article has different information. It said “A fresh airstrike, targeting high-profile members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), an umbrella group of Iran-backed militias, has been reported. The PMF members were travelling in a three-car convoy north of Baghdad, when the strike occurred, killing six persons, multiple reports said. Three other persons were critically injured. No one has claimed responsibility for the strike.”

There isn’t much doubt who carried out this attack. There’s only one nation with the capability and motivation to carry out an attack like this. When the US designated Iran’s Quds Force as a terrorist group, they also put Iran on notice that killing a US soldier was the Trump administration’s red line. Further, President Trump has demonstrated that he isn’t like President Obama when it comes to suffering terrorists lightly when they cross his red lines.

To paraphrase the late Charles Krauthammer, “it isn’t that there’s a new sheriff in town. It’s that, after 8 years, there’s finally a sheriff in town.” Everyone who studied President Obama knew that his default position was to do nothing. The Democrats’ spin was to call it “strategic patience.” It’s time to tell these pacifists to take a hike. That’s what Pete Hegseth did during this segment of The Five:

Marie Harf is essentially the female version of Baghdad Bob. Pete Hegseth had enough of Harf’s questioning. The tipping point was when she questioned Hegseth about the possibility of escalation. At that point, Hegseth had enough and replied that Iran has been escalating tensions for months. Then he asked her if President Trump should just let Soleimani kill American soldiers and diplomats. Hegseth questioned why a US president would let something like that happen when he had the actionable intelligence that would prevent the killing of diplomats and soldiers. Harf, of course, didn’t have an answer for that question.

Hegseth put the Democrats’ appeaser on her heels just like President Trump is putting Iran’s Quds Force on their collective heels. Wise generals pick their battles. Harf is neither smart nor a general. She’s just a former mouthpiece for a failed presidential administration.