Oh, for one little dobbie…

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Oh, for one little dobbie...

"Both my wife and I agree it will be a very short time before weed is legal in Minnesota. Then we can really find out what is in Pandora's Box."

It is the new year. What does that mean? It means, more and more states are legalizing marijuana. Both medical and recreational. For those of us who grew up in the 60's, that is a "big whoop". In other words, been there, done that. Most truthful people I know who are my age, have at least had a joint touch their lips. Or they munched on a Alice B. Toklas cookie. Or (gasp!) - puffed on a hookah.
Now I am going to sound like Dr. Buzzkill. I am not in favor of recreational weed. Not a bit. Like I said, many my age have taken a puff or two back in the day. But - back in the day, weed was much, much different. Some called it "Minnesota Green". Others equated it with smoking crunched up dry leaves. Weed today, is much different. The THC content is off the charts high. Plus, some with black hearts, "trigger" their stash with bad stuff, like fentanyl. What is so bad about fentanyl? It can turn a bad trip, into your last trip.
I do however, believe there has been enough sound medical evidence to prove that medical marijuana has positive benefits for some. But this weed must be regulated with the amount of THC it contains, as well as being certified safe from other additives. The nickle bag you buy from Joe Crackhead on the street corner, might contain who knows what. Yes, as much as I hate to say it, we will need the government involved to ensure medical marijuana first does no harm.
Call me old fashioned, but I still believe weed is a gateway drug to stuff which is worse. Much worse. Then the cartels in Mexico would love to get more of our young people introduced to poisons such as opium, coke, black tar, and points south. When that happens, you are injecting junk which could not only kill you, but if you survive, it will addict you. And as most of us know, the ticket to addition is an expensive one. It can empty out a bank account, and cause foreclosures on house loans and car loans. And this is to say nothing on what it can do to personal relationships (like marriages).
For those who don't mind dealing with stoners, go for it. I personally, can't stand it. I really need to talk with lucid people, not drunks or stoners. Keep weed illegal, except for medical purposes. That sounds good in my book, but I think this train has already left the station. Both my wife and I agree it will be a very short time before weed is legal in Minnesota. Then we can really find out what is in Pandora's Box.