Pelosi, aka Swamp Mistress

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Pelosi, aka Swamp Mistress

Politicians and pundits are pummeling Speaker Pelosi for yesterday’s impeachment vote. The New York Post’s cover nick-named Ms. Pelosi the “Swamp Mistress” before saying that it’s her funeral. That last shot referenced her wearing a black dress to highlight the solemnity of impeaching President Trump.

Swamp Mommie wasn’t happy when Democrats started applauding President Trump’s impeachment:

Speaker Pelosi would’ve joined in the Democrats’ applause if she were honest with the people. It’s just that the applause got in the way of her solemnity charade that nobody bought.

The contrivance factor was just too thick:

Wearing a funereal black dress, she stood next to a cardboard American flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. I would have counted her more honest if she had pledged her allegiance to a Democratic donkey.

Between the black dress and the constant repetition of how Democrats didn’t have a choice and how Democrats did this out of loyalty to the Constitution, it was painfully obvious that there wasn’t a sincere gesture until Democrats started applauding.

At any rate, by last Sept. 24, with the 2020 election fast approaching and her icy relationship with Trump now a bonfire, Pelosi suddenly flip-flopped on impeachment. Her ostensible reason centered on the unverified claims of an anonymous whistleblower regarding Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine. The call, she was assured by the media and Rep. Adam Schiff, would amount to a smoking gun.

“The actions of the Trump presidency revealed dishonorable facts of betrayal of his oath of office and betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” she declared.

It felt like a fill-in-the-blank speech, one she had on the shelf ready to go as soon as she had an excuse to use it. Twenty-four hours later, Trump released the transcript of the Ukraine call and it was benign in comparison to her inflammatory accusation. If only Pelosi had waited another day.

Throughout this national ordeal, Pelosi has been portrayed as the adult in the room, the moderate who held back AOC + 3. Pelosi held back AOC + 3 as long as she could but, in the end, they were just too strong. As for Pelosi the moderate, that’s pure BS.

[Democrats] resembled Grade B actors performing for the cameras, their rehearsed references to oaths, prayers, the Founding Fathers, the rule of law, checks and balances and the Constitution itself all sounding contrived. Rather than reflecting actual gravitas, the words were trotted out to create the appearance of it.

There was a display of gravitas yesterday. Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, Republicans had strong replies for the Democrats’ frequent smart-alecky jabs. Often, those sharp replies came from battle-tested veterans like Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, John Ratcliffe, Louie Gohmert and Jim Sensenbrenner. It’s painfully obvious that Republicans, not Democrats, were the party of gravitas.