The Democrats’ death wish

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Anyone who’s watched the Democrats’ months-long stampede into history books knows that they’re entering the history books for all the wrong reasons. Chairman Nadler is one of the Democrats’ impeachment leaders. During the debate,he said “there can be no serious debate about the evidence at hand. [President Trump] has demonstrated a clear pattern of wrongdoing. We cannot rely on the next election as a remedy for presidential misconduct when the President threatens the very integrity of that election. He has shown us he will continue to put his selfish interests above the good of the country. We must act without delay.”

That statement has more indefensible statements in it than Jim Comey’s FISA warrant applications. First, the only firsthand proof in the record, which is the only type of proof admitted in court (with some exceptions), is exculpatory evidence. Let’s not forget that Nadler tried spinning away President Zelenskiy’s statement that he didn’t feel any pressure from President Trump was because President Trump pressured him into saying that. Let’s remember, too, that he said this with a straight face and without a bit of evidence to support that allegation.

Next, Nadler’s statement that President Trump has “demonstrated a clear pattern of wrongdoing” is spin for ‘I don’t like how he’s doing things.’ Differences of opinion aren’t impeachable offenses.

Then there’s Speaker Pelosi’s schtick:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is opening the debate on the floor of the House and says she does so “solemnly and sadly. If we do not act now, we would be derelict in our duties,” she says, adding that Trump “gave us no choice.” She says it is a matter of fact that Trump is an “ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections.”

Pelosi’s schtick might’ve been believable if not for this:

Pelosi is given a round of applause from her benches as she finishes her remarks. She is wearing black, reportedly to communicate the solemnity of the day.

Nothing communicates solemnity like a lengthy round of applause like this:

After the vote is taken, the pundits will assess the damage done by this impeachment. During the process, Adam Schiff fabricated President Trump’s statements to President Zelenskiy. Jerry Nadler shut down the impeachment hearings without allowing a single GOP-called witness. Adam Schiff called Marie Yovanovitch to testify even though she’d been fired 3 months before the Trump-Zelenskiy phone call that triggered impeachment.

Increasingly, independents are siding with fair-minded Republicans more than they’re siding with Democrats. Voters won’t forget this impeachment, nor will they forget the fact that these Do-Nothing Democrats don’t have a single signature accomplishment to brag about. Doug Collins has it right in this article:

“They trashed rules in the House, they’ve trashed decorum, they’ve trashed everything. Because they had one purpose and one purpose only: to undo the election of 2016 when their own candidate failed miserably and their own policies have never been accepted by the American people,” he explained.

Democrats only have themselves to blame for this disgrace.