Bribery vs. abuse of power

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The hot topic du jour is why House Democrats didn’t include bribery as an article of impeachment. For the entire second week of the impeachment hearings, we were told that President Trump had committed bribery. When the official articles were announce, though, bribery was nowhere to be found. Instead, abuse of power was included.

The reason for this is pretty simple, actually. Bribery is an actual crime. Therefore, to convict a person of committing bribery, the prosecution must prove multiple elements of the crime. Those elements are laid out nicely in this website:

Intent is one of the elements that must be established to prove the crime of bribery.[iii] Corrupt intent is the intent to receive a specific benefit in return for the payment.[iv] The intent to use the opportunity to perform a public duty for acquiring an unlawful personal benefit or advantage by the person who receives the bribe amounts to a corrupt intent.[v]

Another element required to constitute the crime of bribery is that a bribe must involve something of value that is used to influence the action or nonaction of the recipient. However, the bribe must not be necessarily in the form of money. It is sufficient if the receiver gets anything of value to himself/herself from the bribe.

How is investigating Joe and Hunter Biden “something of value”? It isn’t like Joe Biden is competitive with President Trump in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa.

Biden is for the Green New Deal. He’s said during the Democrats’ presidential debates that he wanted to eliminate fossil fuels. He said that early while pandering to the Democrats’ far-left environmental activists. It’s difficult to think of someone as a legitimate threat to President Trump when that candidate has difficulty remembering which state he’s in:

Joe Biden isn’t someone I take seriously. He’s run for president 3 times. The first time, he dropped out before the first voting began because he plagiarized a speech. The next time he ran, he dropped out after the Iowa Caucuses because he got less than 1% of the vote in Iowa. This time, he’s the weakest frontrunner in modern history. He’s still leading but it’s because the other candidates are worse than he is.

The point that hasn’t been made yet is that getting Biden out of the race isn’t a benefit to President Trump. It isn’t a detriment to his re-election bid, either. There goes the Democrats’ argument that getting Biden out of the race is a benefit to President Trump.

There aren’t any elements to prove with abuse of office because it isn’t a crime. Democrats only have to insist that President Trump did something wrong and win over enough a bunch of Republican senators. Thus far, Democrats haven’t accomplished that. It isn’t likely that they’ll accomplish that, either. Voters are displaying signs of frustration with the Democrats’ faux impeachment, too:

The uppity peasants that Rep. Slotkin, (D-MI), isn’t listening to will show up to fire her next November. She should start writing her concession speech because she won’t win re-election.