“All money belongs to all”

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"The 'all money belongs to all' is soon replaced with 'no money belongs to all.' Instead of common wealth, we will have common poverty."

The holiday season is almost upon us, and I just checked our finances. A bit short this year. I have a list a mile long of things I need to order from Amazon, but this year, the numbers just don't add up. Then it dawned on me. I need to take to heart what people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the Squad have been preaching. It does not matter if I don't have enough money to do what I want to do. I will just use someone else's money. Like Tom Steyer's or Mike Bloomberg's. They are both billionaires, so shaving off a hundred thousand or so would mean nothing to them.
I think I am finally starting to catch on. In this wonderful land called the United States, we are all shareholders. All money belongs to all. I get it now, socialists. It took me a while. If I need some money to fill in the cracks, I will just take it. Heck - we don't even need taxation to do so. I will just go up to someone with deep pockets and demand that person give me "x" number of dollars. After all, President Obama told the rich over and over again - "You did not earn that. The country earned it for you."
For years, I have allowed the IRS to fleece me by robbing from me and giving to someone else. All without my permission. Before I became aware of how the game was played, it would infuriate me. I thought, "I earned it, it should be mine." Foolish troll I was back then. All money belongs to all. All money belongs to all. All money belongs to all. If you keep saying it long enough, it will start to make sense.
Years ago, a relative of my wife (an early socialist), would tell me it was his right to sit by a pond, write poetry, and get paid for it. Not as a vocation, but an avocation. I thought he was an idiot back then. But he might have been on to something. If all money belongs to all, that made perfect sense to me. If I were still working, I might just try that!
In any event, my money problems are over. But, if we want to be honest, the money problems for the country would just be starting. As capitalism was developed by "building a better mousetrap", socialism was built on burning down the system, and dividing up the spoils. As in Venezuela, the good times rolled for a very short time, and then the misery index went off the charts. The "all money belongs to all" will soon be replaced with "no money belongs to all." Instead of common wealth, we will have common poverty.
This is why the Democrats following the Clown Car are starting to wet themselves. The serve to the left, has now gone so far left, there might be no coming back. The smart Democrats (be they few), know that this cock-eyed thinking will pave the way to a landslide re-election for Donald J. Trump. And that - is what many of us clear thinking people on the right are counting on.