You’re on your own, media

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You're on your own, media

Like many political righties, I'm often disgusted by the stunning left-wing bias put forth by mainstream media figures. However, I was never comfortable with President Trump's characterization that they were the "ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE."

From this point forward, I can no longer in good conscience refute that notion in light of the latest Project Veritas bombshell.

Sadly, this is an overall trend within major media outlets.

NBC killed Ronan Farrow's Weinstein story and let Matt Lauer have a rape button.

CBS employed creeps Les Moonves and Charlie Rose.

ABC "quashed" the Epstein story three years ago.

And all of these "news" companies ran with whatever Kavanaugh smears fell into their lap. — Chris Pandolfo (@ChrisCPandolfo) November 5, 2019
The top trending featured news story on Twitter is a story no journalists are really talking about and no major news network or outlet is covering.

There is a fundamental disconnect between media and audience and that’s why Facebook/Social Media isn’t going anywhere. — Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) November 5, 2019

NBC killed story on Harvey Weinstein, saying it didn't meet their editorial standards.

ABC spiked story on Jeffrey Epstein, saying same.

Both orgs (& rest of media) went wild running uncorroborated stories about Brett Kavanaugh being a gang rapist. — Tom Bevan (@TomBevanRCP) November 5, 2019

The election of Trump seemed to have broken a lot of U.S. citizens given their behavior on social media, protests in the streets, etc. Unfortunately that derangement has spread to what is supposed to be trusted institutions.