Elections, consequences, more elections…

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Elections, consequences, more elections...

"In 2016 we had a major sea change when we elected Donald Trump. I don't know if we will ever see such a change again."

The results are in, and the winner(s) are --- split. With the country still split right down the middle, the Red Team picked up a few, and so did the Blue Team. Probably the biggest ouch for the Red Team was losing Virginia. Like the entire state. This once reliable Red State, has absorbed way too many of the socialists and progressives who work in Washington. Who knows - maybe Virginia will remain Blue from now until the cows come home.
The Red Team won five out of the six statewide races in Kentucky, but not the governor's race. However, that race is still is in the "too close to call" area, with talks of some voter irregularities. But chances are, the governor spot is lost. At least it is not like Minnesota, where the Democrats ran the table in 2018 winning all the constitutional offices. Looking at the voter map of Kentucky, the colors once again tell the story. Cities, Blue - Out state, Red.
What does this portend for the 2020 elections? Probably nothing. The country will remain split. Cities will remain Blue, and "flyover" country will remain Red. Trump will win re-election in a landslide, and the Democrats will hate him more and more for doing that. The country will continue to do well, as President Trump continues to etch his place in history.
If I were an independent voter, who felt 50-50 on most issues, I would be leaning way right in this next election. Why? The Democrats running for President are morons. Most have no message (other than "I hate Trump"), and the ones who do have a message, well, it is tepid at best. The dolts in Congress are even more of a side show. Even though Ms. Nancy promised everyone the Moon and all the cheese therein if we made her Speaker, NOTHING has got done (except impeachment BS).
Our local school board lost a fine man, to be replaced by some gal with many names who sees nothing wrong with very early sex ed for our youngins. If I were a parent, or grand parent who had grandies in that district, I would be all over this. But I don't. Someone else, who is a stakeholder, will have to carry that torch. Last year, I was all in for getting Jeff Johnson elected to be our Governor. In 2020, I will be all in for the re-election of our President.
Elections, consequences, then more elections. With the country evenly split, there will be an ebb and flow, albeit minor. In 2016 we had a major sea change when we elected Donald Trump. I don't know if we will ever see such a change again. Even though the Democrats have tried to nullify this election since a few days into Trump's first term, all they have been able to do is obstruct and caterwaul. Meanwhile, life goes on...