Blowing Smoke In Saint Paul

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Saint Paul’s new garbage hauling program is a rousing success and if you don’t vote to continue it, taxes will increase dramatically to pay for the five-year contract the City illegally signed.
Mayor Carter’s statements in the linked article defy common sense, casting doubt on his credibility.
We have significantly reduced emissions from our garbage trucks. Really? You monitor that, somehow, and have data to prove it? Can I see it?
We have significantly reduced wear and tear on our streets, too many potholes. Really? In just the few months the program has been in operation, you’ve been able to measure the wear and tear on streets, and have data to prove it? Can I see it?
We have significantly reduced truck traffic through neighborhoods where children are playing. What, in the streets? Well, there’s your problem right there – those kids gotta learn to stop running out in front of garbage trucks.
And Hizzonor is going to address gun violence, not by hiring new cops but by having a meeting with his cabinet, as soon as we can get those key players together. What’s the hold-up? They’re your cabinet, Mel. Don’t they report to you?
It sounds as if the Mayor is reciting talking points, not taking action. I wonder if that’s because he has no idea what to do about the mess he finds himself in?
Am I the only one getting the impression this Mayor is not ready for prime time?
Joe Doakes

Why, it’s almost if the Saint Paul DFL has taken “Perception is Reality” to its logical extreme.

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