Bye, Beto

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Let's get rid of the wiggle room: There is zero chance Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke (D-TX) will be the Democrat nominee for President, much less POTUS. In a way, that's incredibly liberating for him in that he can employ the obligatory "kitchen sink" strategy when outlining his "progressive" utopia.

We all recall his declaration last month of "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15," a stance he could not have taken when running for U.S. Senate out of Texas last year.

Then on Thursday when participating in something called a "Equality in America" town hall, Bobby emphasized further how he desires to toss the Bill of Rights into good ol' File 13.

When the former Texas congressman was asked if religious institutions -- "colleges, churches, charities" -- should be stripped of tax-exempt status Thursday night by CNN anchor Don Lemon during the LGBTQ town hall, he immediately responded, "Yes."

The crowd erupted in applause before O'Rourke further explained.

"There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us," he said. "So as president, we're going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans."

Ironic that he decries organizations which would deny human rights when he has consistently touted an agenda of infringing upon the majority of Americans' civil liberties. The fact of the matter is tax-exempt organizations have absolutely no ability to deny anyone's rights of any kind. But what Bobby is proposing here is to force religious institutions to bend the knee towards the almighty deity called government, essentially denying them their freedom of expression.

But like I said, Bobby has no shot be the next President, so he's basically become a useful idiot for Dem front runners Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. That is, he can convey the true goals of progressivism while the top tier candidates swoop in with a more incremental approach, thus coming off as slightly less insane.

Truth be told, I kinda echo the sentiment of Steve Deace if by some miracle Bobby emerges as our Commander in Chief.

This almost made me want to donate to Bobby's campaign. Almost.