Trump in Minneapolis

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While I was approved for a media credential to attend President Trump's Thursday evening rally in downtown Minneapolis, I'm going to forgo the event. While I'm as sociable and extroverted as they come (not to mention a chance to compile radio show fodder), that kind of atmosphere where it's a veritable mosh pit in the streets just isn't my thing. Not to mention the fact that violent left-wing hate group Antifa (they put the "fa" in Antifa) will be there for a protest entitled "America is Canceled." I pray that all rally attendees will be safe from the actions of these frothing kooks.

As a side story to the rally, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is looking to extort money from bill the Trump campaign more than $500,000 for what he claims is required heightened security for the President's visit. Since the vast majority (if not all) of the incidents of unrest and violence are due to Trump detractors showing up at rallies to create chaos, boy mayor should send them the bill.

Oh, that's right. Urban leftists believe the victims should bear the brunt of unrest.

In the end, I agree with my pal Jeff Kolb in that Mayor Frey is merely pining for a soundbite. As such, he's not all that serious in demanding the Trump campaign fork over that kind of money.

Well, any outrage cycle rarely lasts more than a week in this climate, so that's a pretty safe bet.