Flying Pig Warning

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Not only does a Minnesota public employees laborer union support President Trump, the Minneapolis paper is reporting it.
Signs of the Apocalypse?
Joe Doakes

In related news, check out the Lion/Lamb exhibit at Como Zoo.

The media is gushing – not inappropriately – over Ellen DeGeneres’ defense of her friendship with Dubya.

To which I, and the vast majority of middle America who actually have to live in this world, respond “this is real life for most of us, the ones who don’t live in progressive cocoons.

Of course, Urban Progressive Privilege is all about living in a cocoon:

Lots sharing this, but missing the broader point. Yes, Ellen and GWB can agree to disagree, great. The bigger issue is the only people who can’t do that these days are woke progressives. No conservative, libertarian or true liberal was upset by this. It’s not a two way street.

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) October 8, 2019

Urban Progressive Privilege means feeling entitled to feel upset that cognitive dissonance exists, and feeling you’ve got the right to make someone pay for it.