Poor misunderstood China

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Joseph Tsai, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, insists that Americans just don’t understand China:

In an open letter to “NBA fans” posted on his personal Facebook page, Tsai wrote that he felt the need to speak about the issue as someone who had spent his professional life in China. “Supporting a separatist movement in a Chinese territory is one of those third-rail issues, not only for the Chinese government, but also for citizens of China,” he wrote. “The one thing that is terribly misunderstood, and often ignored, by the western press and those critical of China, is that 1.4 billion Chinese citizens stand united when it comes to the territorial integrity of China and the country’s sovereignty over her homeland. This issue is non-negotiable,” he added.

I don’t give a damn if freedom of speech is a third-rail issue in China. It’s an oppressive Communist regime. Why would anyone think that they’d support freedom to criticize the Chinese government? It isn’t as if people my age have forgotten Tiananmen Square:

This Thursday, Chinese negotiators visit our nation’s capitol to negotiate a trade deal. It’s rumored that Chinese negotiators aren’t willing to negotiate on intellectual property theft and other major US priorities. If that’s their nonnegotiable position, President Trump should instruct his negotiators to walk away from the negotiations. While it might cause the markets to tank, it’ll send the message that some things aren’t negotiable. If they aren’t willing to change their thinking, then that’s their problem.

There are lots of other Pacific Rim countries we can negotiate better trade deals with. It’s time to disentangle ourselves from China. It’s time we disentangle ourselves from the NBA, too. If the NBA will fight against states that pass bathroom laws but it shrinks like a violet when China gets upset, perhaps we should explain to Adam Silver that their virtue-signaling game stinks.

It isn’t like the NBA is a high quality product that I can’t live without. For me, just give me a decent Vikings team to get me into early-mid January, then a Twins team that captures my attention the rest of the year. Timberpuppies and Wild stink. I definitely don’t need either of those teams.