RNC, Ronna McDaniel vs. Pelosi

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Appearing on The Story last night, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel directly delivered a message to Nancy Pelosi. McDaniel said “What I’m going to say to Nancy Pelosi is we’re coming for these Democrats in districts where President Trump won.”

Also on Monday, the RNC announced a new counter-impeachment offensive called “Stop the Madness.” Last night, Ronna McDaniel told Fox News “Democrats promised to reach across the aisle and work with President Trump and Republicans to serve the American people, but instead are now pushing their hyper-partisan impeachment agenda. Enough is enough; Americans are sick and tired of these witch hunts. We are going to hold Democrats accountable for their ridiculous charade and remind voters that their Democrat representative turned their back on them.”

Democrats are championship promise-breakers. Last year, I knew that Democrats weren’t interested in working across the aisle. The Resist Movement would’ve knee-capped them if Democrats had worked in a bipartisan fashion. The Resist Movement sustains the Democratic Party. If Resist says ‘Jump’, Democrats ask ‘Off what?’

As an activist, I love seeing the RNC going on the offensive. Democrats are used to going on the offensive, then watching Republicans shrivel up into the fetal position. Those days are history, at least while Trump is president and McDaniel is RNC Chair. Brit Hume goes on the offensive in this interview:

Republicans need to start acting on principles. They need to develop a spine, too. The republic hangs in the balance. This isn’t a time for timidity. It’s a time for clear thinking and courage. Unfortunately for Republicans, they’ve been infiltrated by corrupt people like Vin Weber, who put more emphasis on making money (even if that requires breaking bread with Corruptocrats like the Podesta brothers.) than they put on pushing the right public policies.

Draining the Swamp requires taking on swamp creatures like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi but it requires getting rid of swamp creatures like Vin Weber and Paul Manafort, too.