Why Dems fight President Trump

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The American people aren’t stupid. That fact has pushed Democrats off the deep end. They know that President Trump has put in place policies that have spurred robust economic growth, unleashed the energy industry, rebuilt the US military, signed criminal justice reform while building large sections of the wall on the US-Mexico border.

The notion that these lightweight Democrat presidential candidates might defeat a president with this list of accomplishments is laughable. Democrats know this and it frustrates them mightily. In their minds, Trump shouldn’t have won. Hillary should’ve. Those damn uppity peasants rejected the corrupt career politician whose foreign policy was directed mostly by who shipped the most money to the Clinton Foundation.

Let’s be blunt, people. Hillary’s State Department was as much a shake-down operation as it was about diplomacy or national security. She just wasn’t good at it. The other part of why we rejected her was because her indifference got a true diplomat and his security detail killed. She was incompetent and corrupt. That’s easy to reject.

Democrats have been on the warpath since. That’s why 65 Democrats skipped President Trump’s inauguration. They simply hate him. Speaking of which, one of the haters is Jerry Nadler. Imagine how different things might be if he’d shown some fairness rather than his hostility.

Each day, President Trump fights to make the US a stronger, safer, more prosperous nation. Democrats wake up wondering how they can control the people. Gun control isn’t about safety. It’s about controlling the people. Single-payer health care isn’t about making people healthier. It’s about controlling people. When Democrats threaten to pack the Supreme Court, it isn’t to make the Court more just. It’s to get the Court to rule in their favor more often. The thought of a fair-minded judiciary frightens Democrats.

All you need to know about Democrats is found in Adam Schiff’s opening statement of the Maguire hearing:

To open this hearing, Chairman Schiff made a bunch of things up, then read those lies into the Congressional Record. When Schiff was called on it, Schiff replied that it was intended to be, more or less, a parody. Coming from a political hack like Schiff, there’s no reason why I should trust him.

Democrats fight President Trump because they hate him. Despite President Trump’s positive accomplishments of building one of the strongest economies in my lifetime, making the US energy independent and energy dominant, lowering unemployment to a 50-year low and lowering minority unemployment to all-time lows, Democrats still can’t stop criticizing him.

That’s proof that Democrats simply hate President Trump. The proof of that is that Democrats won’t vote for any of President Trump’s policies. For instance, every Democrat in the House and every Democrat in the Senate voted against the Trump/GOP tax cuts, otherwise known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.