Pelosi’s pathetic performance

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Recently, Nancy Pelosi has portrayed herself as a patriot’s patriot, a prayer warrior and a hardline constitutionalist. That’s a joke. When I listen to her comments at the Texas Tribune Festival, I’m certain that I’m listening to a scripted speech that’s the product of multiple focus groups.

Here’s part of Pelosi’s dramatic, insincere performance:

If this activity, this pattern of behavior were to prevail, then it’s over for the republic. We will have the equivalent of a monarchy. Let us be prayerful. Let us be solemn. Let us try not to make it further divisive. But we cannot ignore our oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Pelosi has consistently insisted that President Trump hasn’t defended the Constitution. That’s a bunch of BS. President Trump has done more to preserve religious liberty than any recent president. He’s done a great deal to keep this nation safe. He’s protected conversations with foreign leaders from leakers.

When was the last time Pelosi stepped forward to protect us from people invading from Mexico and Latin America? She’s insisted on putting in place policies that invite people to illegally enter the United States, then having those illegal aliens released into the country. Pelosi’s sat idly by when the women who really run House Democrats lie about law enforcement’s mistreatment of illegal aliens.

A patriot’s patriot doesn’t sit idly by when a detention center is compared with a Nazi concentration camp when millions of Jews died in the Holocaust. Speaker Pelosi didn’t correct her squad for spreading those filthy lies. Pelosi sat there like a potted plant. That isn’t a patriot. That’s a dirtbag.

For her to act like a serious, God-fearing person is insulting. She didn’t criticize liars in her own caucus. She promoted Adam Schiff to lead this phony impeachment investigation after Schiff lied about what President Trump said to President Zelensky. Pelosi’s actions are contemptible. Her actions aren’t honorable. She shouldn’t be treated with distinction. She should be treated with contempt.

When asked why she moved from the strongest backstop against impeachment to the leader of the effort, she chose brevity: “The facts.” “I have handled this with great care, with moderation, with great attention to what we knew was a fact and what was an allegation.

“This is very bad news for our country because if — as it seems to be — our president has engaged in something that is so far beyond what our founders had in mind they knew that some president might go beyond what the Constitution intended.”

It’s amazing that Ms. Pelosi would say that the facts drove her to change her mind. Ms. Pelosi launched the impeachment on Tuesday, the day before the transcript was released. What facts is she babbling about? Did Ms. Pelosi receive a vision from God telling her what was in the transcript?

I doubt it. The transcript was a dud. We were told it contained a quid pro quo. That was nowhere to be found. Ms. Pelosi told Mournful Joe that the Trump administration was in the “coverup of the coverup”, presumably because the snitch’s complaint hadn’t been released. That happened Thursday, along with the release of OLC opinion explaining why the snitch’s complaint hadn’t been turned over to Congress.

Ms. Pelosi has spread enough manure to fertilize a farm. She isn’t trustworthy in the slightest. I’ve seen too many pieces of proof of her dishonesty.