House Dems vs. American people

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Democrats apparently think that the hand that they’re badly misplaying is the political equivalent of a straight flush. Their blind hatred of President Trump is turning them into political idiots. What other term fits a person who thinks that not immediately complying the House Democrats’ subpoenas is worthy of an article of impeachment.

In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Democrat committee chairs wrote “‘Your failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry,’ the chairmen wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.” That might be taken seriously if Democrats had called for a vote of the entire House to authorize the initiation of an impeachment inquiry.

Democrats didn’t do that, perhaps to restrict the Republicans’ ability to put together their counterarguments to the Democrats’ articles of impeachment. As a result, the Democrats’ subpoena power isn’t as strong. The courts won’t give them access to as many documents as fast as they’d prefer.

That isn’t to say that Republicans will resist each subpoena. Instead, they should only resist with lawsuits the most questionable subpoenas. I’d think it’d be difficult, if not impossible, for Democrats to create an article of impeachment over contested subpoenas.

In other impeachment news, Democrat Bryan Dean Wright criticized Democrats:

“You better stand up and do it publicly,” said Wright, blasting House Democrats for seemingly being uninterested in collecting additional facts about the phone call. “This isn’t about trying to get facts. We’ve already decided, as a partisan Democratic Party. I’m sorry to say, we’ve already decided we have to get rid of the president. We’re moving forward with it, irrespective of facts. That is clear.”

That’s a sad thing to hear. What’s worse is that the Washington Post’s article reads like a thread from a Fever Swamp blog, not a serious newspaper. That article insists that the whistleblower’s account is accurate and that the CIA agent is some sort of superhero that’s saving our nation.

Nancy Pelosi announced that the House would start an impeachment inquiry before she’d seen the call transcript or the whistleblower’s complaint. In other words, Pelosi said that Democrats were launching impeachment without any evidence. I’d expect that from AOC or Maxine Waters. I shouldn’t expect that from the Speaker of the House.

Ari Fleischer put it best, saying this:

As offensive and norm-breaking as Trump can be, it is more norm-breaking and offensive to refuse to accept an election result and instead seek to turn all forms of political disagreement into a constitutional crisis in which the Congress tries repeatedly to remove the president from office, negating the results of an election.

Democrats repeatedly insist that President Trump is a threat to democracy. What hypocrites. Throwing out a duly elected president because they hate him is a true threat to democracy. I’ll do my best to highlight this injustice to the American people. In this instance, Democrats couldn’t get more vindictive, more disgusting.

The only way to restrict the Democrats’ troublemaking ability is to defeat them in sufficient numbers next November. If they’re in the minority, Democrats can’t push idiotic ideas like impeaching a president just because they don’t like him.

That’s the real threat to democracy.