Discrediting the snitch’s complaint

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To listen to some of the Democrats’ talking points, you’d swear that the snitch’s complaint was etched in stone tablets, then given to Moses himself. This article eliminates that superstition. For instance, the snitch insists that President Trump threatened to withhold military aid if Ukrainian President Zelensky didn’t dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. There’s just a major problem with that version of events. The details are wrong:

An unnamed Ukrainian official said that Kiev was not made aware that the U.S. suspended security funds until a month after President Trump’s call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, which calls into question the whistleblower’s account and Democrats’ arguments that there was a quid pro quo for the aid.

The official told The New York Times that Zelensky’s government was unaware about the aid issue until a month after Trump’s July 25 phone call in which he discussed Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

If Ukraine wasn’t aware that US military aid had been suspended, then it’s impossible for the snitch’s complaint to be accurate. That means that a major Democrat talking point is BS.

Another significant Democrat talking point is that “U.S. diplomat Kurt Volker sought to ‘contain the damage’ from Giuliani’s outreach to Ukraine.” Unfortunately for these impeachment-crazed Democrats, the opposite is true:

But a July 19 text message conversation from Volker to Giuliani, provided to Fox News on Thursday, showed that Volker had in fact encouraged Giuliani to reach out to Ukraine, even sending Giuliani a message reading, “Connecting you here with Andrey Yermak, who is very close to President Zelensky.”

There goes another major point of emphasis that Democrats were hoping to rely on.

Unfortunately for the American people, today’s Democrats aren’t fazed by falsehoods. They’re planning a political coup and the truth is just a casualty of this battle. It’s the greater good that matters, not the details or the casualties.

I don’t want to put all Democrats into that category. I’m intentionally saying, though, that the Democrats leading this political coup don’t care about the truth. Chairman Schiff doesn’t care about the truth. Watch him make up the entire story about what President Trump said to President Zelensky:

That’s a man interested in the truth? I don’t think so. In fact, I’m certain he doesn’t care about the truth.

Democrats are attempting a bloodless coup. The Democrats’ weapons of war aren’t machine guns, artillery and the Air Force. The Democrats’ weapons of choice are lies that the media tell, the lies that the other Democrats tell and focus-grouped soundbites that help Democrats sound reasonable. I’ll give you an example.

When Democrats talk about gun control, they always talk about “common sense gun laws.” Who can oppose anything common sense? We’re all for common sense, right? That’s the trap. It sounds reasonable. That’s the purpose. The purpose is to hide the Democrats’ radicalism. Here’s what the Democrats look like once the mask is ripped off:

The details discredit the snitch’s complaint. This is nothing more than Russia Hoax 2.0. This is a perfect summarization of the snitch’s complaint: