Not As Live As You’d Hope

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To: “Live From Here”
From: Mitch Berg, ornery peasant
Re: “Out In America” with Tom Papa

Have you ever listened to a putative “comic” bit where a “comedian” reads a (for purposes of argument) “comic” monologue of intermittently (very very intermittently) amusing observations, interrupted with a tag line that isn’t especially funny the first time, but gets repeated 3-5 times every episode, to the point where you want to spray him with spray cheese on stage?

I have.

Yes, it’s an inside joke unless you listen to “Live from Here” with Chris Thile.

The music is amazing. Chris Thile is an astounding musician and an agreeable MC who does a much better job of keeping politics out of the proceedings than Garrison Keillor.

But the sketch comedy is hit or miss at best, the standup comics are almost (almost) always miss,

And “Out in America” with Tom Papa couldn’t “hit” if “Hit” was an ocean and Papa was in a kayak.