The actions of a guilty man?

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At the start of Tuesday, Democrats insisted that they wanted the Ukrainian whistleblower’s transcript released. When President Trump agreed to do that, Democrats moved the proverbial goalposts, this time insisting that they needed the whistleblower report, too. After mulling things for a few hours, FNC’s Ed Henry reported that the Trump administration had agreed to release the whistleblower complaint, too. Henry also reported that “a senior White House official” told him that the whistleblower has an anti-Trump bias.

Next, Democrats, mostly Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) insisted that the whistleblower testify this week in front of the House Intelligence Committee. The White House agreed to that, too. Suffice it to say that President Trump didn’t act like a guilty man.

The point is that Democrats kept moving the goalposts in the hopes of making President Trump look guilty while President Trump kept agreeing to their demands. If that isn’t enough for the Democrats, consider this: this is the week of the UN General Assembly. Ukraine’s president isn’t just attending the UNGA. He’s scheduled to have a bilateral meeting with President Trump. If that isn’t bad enough for the Democrats, President Trump and President Zelensky are scheduled to host a press conference that day, too.

Suffice it to say that this was the wrong week for the Democrats to accuse President Trump of holding Ukraine’s President hostage with military aid. With all that’s gone wrong for the Democrats, it kinda reminds me of this famous scene:

I guess this would’ve been a good week for Nancy Pelosi to resign as Speaker. Who needs to deal with this bunch of idiots?

This is turning into being a fantastic week for President Trump and Tom Emmer. Emmer issued this statement as Chairman of the NRCC:

For the past three years, the socialist Democrats have been obsessed with impeaching the president and backfilling in the reason after the fact. They have become so radicalized by their hatred of President Trump that they are willing to plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis based on secondhand gossip. Democrats have lost their sanity and any remaining credibility with the American people.

Make no mistake about it: backing impeachment will cost the Democrats their majority in 2020.

Chairman Emmer is right. Impeachment will cost Democrats their chairman’s gavels.

What’s worst for Democrats is that they’re still about 50 votes short of being able to pass articles of impeachment.