Pelosi: Speaker in name only

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It’s safe to say that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House in name only. This afternoon, Ms. Pelosi all but officially admitted that the woman in charge of running the House is a 29-year-old former bartender. The façade is gone. The results won’t be pretty a year from November. Democrats will get shellacked and then some. When Ms. Pelosi stepped up to the microphone, she announced that the House was starting official impeachment proceedings.

At that point, Ms. Pelosi intentionally lied. Official impeachment proceedings can’t start until there’s a vote on the House floor that authorizes those proceedings. Until Ms. Pelosi subjects those 31 Democrats representing districts that President Trump won by substantial margins to voting for starting impeachment hearings, from a legal standpoint, nothing has changed. We still don’t have an official impeachment proceeding.

From a PR standpoint, it’s a big deal because the Speaker-in-name-only has said the magic I-word. That’s a big deal to her out-of-control Far Left Wing but it won’t be enough once they realize this was Ms. Pelosi’s last-ditch attempt to save her Speakership. Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a statement that highlights what Pelosi’s announcement means. Here’s the key paragraph:

“Speaker Pelosi’s much-publicized efforts to restrain her far-left conference have finally crumbled. House Democrats cannot help themselves. Instead of working together across party lines on legislation to help American families and strengthen our nation, they will descend even deeper into their obsession with relitigating 2016.

By semi-starting the impeachment proceedings Tuesday, Pelosi has guaranteed to give the House Chairmanship gavels back to the Republicans in January, 2021. Here’s Pelosi’s speech:

Despite what she said, impeachment doesn’t start until there’s a vote of the whole House authorizing an impeachment investigation. Ms. Pelosi hasn’t (and won’t) do that unless her back’s against the wall. That might well happen now that AOC has taken over the House Democrat Caucus.