Immigration and Climate Change Shaming

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"Stop shaming everyone, and just go live. We live in the best country during the best time in history. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. As the song goes, 'It is a wonderful world.'"

First question - what does immigration and climate change have in common? Answer: Should be nothing. But here is what they do have in common. Lecturing and shaming. I don't think I have been lectured and shamed as much as I have been by both advocates for immigration justice and climate justice - ever. In fact, I don't think (even as a youth), I have been lectured this much. I have been lectured more about immigration and climate, than I have about reparations (and that is a bunch). All in all, I have now determined I am just a bad person with a bad past.
Yesterday, some little teen from Sweden got up in front of the UN and told them I (along with many others), have not only stolen her childhood, but also her future. Like, what the heck did I do? I recycle, mulch, use cloth bags when shopping, and don't drive very much. I have energy efficient everything in my house. And yet - I am a villain. All because of some George Soros funded hoax. So I am shamed.
Immigration. It is because of people like me, who for some reason, believe in the rule of law, that we have "children ripped from their mother's arms" down at the southern border. I am shamed as I do not advocate free healthcare for all illegals who come here. Giving them better benefits than what we give our veterans. I am shamed, as I don't believe in open borders. For some goofy reason, I believe we will lose the country if we open our borders. But never the less, for every immigrant who drowns in the Rio Grande, or dies of thirst after getting lost in the Arizona or Texas desert, is my fault. I have their blood on my hands.
Back to sweet little Greta just for a minute. That Emmy award winning speech she gave at the UN will now be played from here until the 2020 elections by the Left. Most, if not all, of the remaining candidates for President on the Blue Team are saying the same thing now - "Climate change is an existential threat." Okay - I will bite. What then are we suppose to do about it? Live like we did in the 1800's? Ground all airplanes and beach all ships? Ditch our cars? Stop using natural gas in the wintertime and freeze? Or just shame the sun for also being responsible for weather and climate.
Meanwhile as most of this silliness continues, the world marches on. Medical research continues. Newer and better electronics are being developed. Space is about to be explored by a host of nations. Whether we like it or not, we are going head first into the 2020 decade. This is the decade which will change just about everything, for everyone. And no - the world is not going to end in 2031 like the "greenies" have told us. Many futurists believe that the 2030's will be even more wondrous than the 2020's will be.
So - go ahead and shame me for stuff I either did not do, nor stuff I cannot control. I no longer care. I have been shamed into apathy. I am focused on the future - not the past. Heck, 50 years ago I was told I would be frozen stiff by today due to another ice age. Never happened.
But in those 50 years, I served my country, did a career or two, got married, had kids, built our house and so forth. In other words, I did not cocoon like a snowflake, and blame everyone older than me for the impending ice age. I just lived my life.
Greta - I suggest you do the same. Go live your life. You will be fine. ICE protesters up in Elk River - ditto. Get back to your lives. Stop blaming and shaming everyone, and just go live. We live in the best country during the best time in history. Enjoy it. Be grateful for it. As the song goes, "It is a wonderful world."