Clap For Service

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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Told my wife we should get The Clapper so she doesn’t have to get out of bed to shut off the lights when I’m done reading. She scoffed – do they even make those anymore?
Yes. Amazon. $17. Order by 6:00 on Friday, guaranteed delivery on Sunday. Seriously? How is that possible?
Yes, I understand they have a 850,000 square foot warehouse in Shakopee, a building as big as my entire city block. But surely they must prioritize inventory? Amazon updates its list of “Most Popular Items on Amazon” hourly, so I can keep up with the Jones. Obviously, they’d have a huge inventory of in-demand items.
But how much demand can there possibly be for The Clapper? And yet they have them in stock locally for two day delivery? Unbelievable. There’s a reason Amazon is kicking every other retailer’s a**. It’s called “Customer Service.”
Joe Doakes

And yet, someday, just like Microsoft, Time/Warner/AOL, IBM, AOL, General Motors and US Steel, something will come along to knock it off the top of the heap.