2024 – forty years after “1984”

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"Now, with the Democrats selling out to the socialists, the choice in the next election is America, or post America. Yes, the choice could be that stark."

Good morning. I am talking to you from the future. It is now 2024, and we are coming up on the four year mark since the election of President Warren and Vice President Yang. It is also forty years after the mythical year of "1984", made famous by George Orwell. Only that was fiction, and what we are living today is the cold slap of reality.
The ticket which came out of the DNC convention in 2020 was an implausible one at best. A true socialist with a wacked out, self employed millionaire. Nobody thought this ticket had a chance against Donald Trump in his bid for re-election. But the powers that be which were still working in the dark state, left some traps before the 2020 election. Especially with voter ID. Some 9th Circuit judge was convinced to order a stay on all voter ID until after the 2020 election (they alleged voter suppression). This left the door open for all kinds of voter irregularities, will allowed a razor thin victory for the Democrats.
Since the swearing in of the Warren/Yang ticket in January of 2021, things progressed quickly. In the first month, everything good Donald Trump did during his four years started to become unraveled. All business killing regulations were reinstated. Capital gains were taxed at 70%, which dried up new investment. The stock market tanked. Citizens and banks were told to start sharing their wealth, or it would be taxed, via a wealth tax. The larger banks would were also told they would be broken up.
The armed forces were cut in half. All new weapon systems cancelled. Thanks to Vice President Yang, meat was given a 400% surtax which all but killed that part of the agriculture industry. Fossil fuels were made public enemy # 1, so brown outs and black outs became as common as thunderstorms in July. In addition, no new nuclear plants would authorized - ever again.
Firearms were now all but illegal. Hard to find, expensive to buy, heavily regulated. All bullets had a 400% surtax put on them. "In God we trust" was ordered to be taken off all currency. An executive order was signed, making America a "secular" country. As such the country no longer had a moral compass. Abortions were now as common as going to a movie, and the distinction between abortion and infanticide, was all but erased. Due to the new "Medicare for All" health program, older folks could be put to death when they reached the age 75. It was after all, for the good of the collective.
Okay - I am not coming to you from the future. It is still September of 2019, and Donald Trump is still our President. America remains a constitutional republic. Just about everything I listed above has been talked about by either Democrat presidential candidates, or others on the Left. This Orwellian world I painted of 2024, COULD COME TRUE. Yes, our country could change that much, with a socialist as President, along with a socialist friendly Congress. America as we know it, would be OVER.
Some friends I have known for a long time, ask me why I am so adamant on politics these days. Why I care. Simply put, it is because I, as well as people like me, have taken the "red pill". Our eyes have been opened. We know that we could lose this county, our liberty, our freedoms in just one election. Our Founders warned us. We almost lost the country in 2016. Yes, it was that close.
At one time, the choice between having Republicans run the country, or Democrats run the country, was like choosing between vanilla and French vanilla ice cream. Now, with the Democrats selling out to the socialists, the choice in the next election is America, or post America. Yes, the choice could be that stark.
I am reminded of the quote from John Adams - "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." Ladies and gentlemen, in 2020, we have the chance to commit suicide as a nation. For the sake of our children, grand-children and beyond, we cannot let that happen.