The strike – the day after

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"And for the kids? Best lesson of all. Being at the capital carry profane signs is MUCH more fun that being in school."

I know it is hard to believe, but yesterday, about four million heads full of mush youngins, walked out of class. They made some signs (some very profane) and then drove in carbon emitting cars to a gathering place to protest. Protest what? That they are getting three hots and a cot, unlike many people in the world today? No - this is much more important. They are protesting fossil fuels, and what those instruments of destruction are doing to Gaia (Mother Earth). Seriously.
This would have been funny, if it had not been so sad. This day told us so much about our youth today. Gullible, under-educated, and easy enough to follow a 16 year old Pied Piper. Now before I get jumped on by my climate change adult friends, let me say this. Do I think we are going through a warming period right now? Yes, I do. Do I think it has happened before in the history of this planet? Yes, I do. Do I think it is totally the fault of man-kind? Not even close.
That being said, what do we do. One of my favorite signs from yesterday read, "The climate is changing, why aren't we?" If schools taught facts these days instead of fantasy, these youngins would know that we are changing. Every year, we are putting less carbon in the atmosphere. Can't say the same for the Chinese and Indians however. That being said, even Xi of China wants his country to become "greener".
One misguided youth carried a sign which read, "**Eff** Fossil Fuels!" Okay. Let's grant her that wish. Since she lives in Minnesota, how is she going to stay warm this winter? What is she going to use for electricity (hint - wind and solar will not cut it). How is she going to get home from the strike if she came from the 'burbs? If her Education Minnesota teachers taught facts, she would know fossil fuels are in their final days. Slowly being replaced. In fact, most new cars coming out in the early 2020 decade will be either EV or hybrid. That is a fact.
Again, what were the lessons learned yesterday? For most parents, for taxpayers, they saw once again Exhibit "A", on what a crappy job our government schools are doing today in educating our youth. Indoctrination? Excellent! Education? Nada. For many teachers, there was a sense of pride to see what they have been telling these kids is paying off. Don't ask me why. And for the kids? Best lesson of all. Being on strike, and carrying profane signs, is MUCH more fun that being in school.
Message for Greta. Go home. Now. You have done enough damage. If you want me to respect you, get in your row boat and head to China. Get up in front of the powers that be in Communist China and chide them on climate change. Then you will have a chance to see what a re-education camp looks like from the inside. After hearing your babble, President Xi and his ruling elite, will think you are ripe and ready for re-education.