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As crime plummets nationwide, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are getting more dangerous.

And the neighbors are getting antsy:

Minneapolis Police are pledging once again to improve safety in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, following an attempted abduction this month and a reported sexual assault in August.
The sexual assault happened after police say a man broke into a home. The attempted abduction happened in a parking lot of a property on 6th Street Southeast, where a University of Minnesota student told police a man tried to grab her as she was taking the trash out last Thursday morning.
“That’s very serious and very scary, and traumatic,” 2nd Precinct Inspector Todd Loining said.
Loining told a group of neighbors on Monday that the attempted abduction happened at the same building as a reported shooting in February. That shooting, part of a string of crimes this winter, prompted police to increase patrols in Marcy-Holmes.

So there’s some alarm about the surging crime stats.

And what will every last one of those people do next election time?

Vote DFL, naturally.