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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I like John Bolton. I respect his opinions and his intelligence. But he outlived his usefulness in the Trump Administration
Bolton is a foreign policy hawk. He wants the United States to bring about regime change in socialist dictatorships. In other words, he wants us to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign nations to overthrow states that we don’t like.
That mental attitude – that the United States has both the power and the obligation to make the world a better place – was the underlying rationale for the Iraq War, liberating Kuwait, and countless other excursions around the globe. But the more we spend on climate change avoidance and free student loans and Medicare for everyone, the less money we have to spend on foreign adventures. The more people want to be peace studies majors, the fewer people want to sign up for the military. The more Americans want to retire to Texas and Florida and Arizona, the less Americans want to see bombs falling on children across the globe.
Bolton’s ideas were perfect for the Bush Administration. But I don’t think that policy is going to fly in the 2020 world. I think President Trump has a better understanding of what’s possible, what’s realistic, what’s necessary, than John Bolton. So his services are no longer required.
Joe doakes

There was a time when the world needed phalanxes of Boltons. And therel’l come a time when we need more, I have a hunch.