It is still that risk versus reward thing…

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"People wonder why Donald Trump has such good numbers with the economy. He is a capitalist, and has been one his entire life. He understands business. He understands risk and reward."

A long time ago, a friend asked my opinion on what the biggest difference was between (back then) a Republican and a Democrat. I thought about it for a bit, and then gave him an answer I don't think he expected. "Risk and reward. It seems to me most Democrats don't understand risk versus reward." If I could relive that moment over, I would give him a concrete example. And the latest example comes right from downtown Minneapolis.
I seems that this fuzzy headed group called the City Council has now determined landlords not have the right to vet tenants. That they should rent to anybody, be they responsible, or a deadbeat. The landlord association warned the Council that if they enacted this law, it would result in higher rents. Why? Because, landlords don't do this for their health. This is a business for them. More risk has now been introduced into their business. Therefore, rents will go up to cover that increased risk. Who loses? The renters. Well played City Council of Minneapolis.
Watching the Democrat "debates" on TV the other night brought up another great example. When pressed on where the money is going to come from to pay this gargantuan price tag for socialist programs, many answered without flinching - "We will tax the rich and corporations some more." Easy peasy. Except for one minor detail. The rich don't have to be rich. Or they can move their money. If the cost of business becomes too high (risk) they will take their rewards elsewhere. Same goes for corporations. Tax them too high, they will practice "inversion". Why? Many foreign countries would love to host them, and not tax their socks off.
In my opinion, this is it in a nutshell. It drives the Left crazy that our Constitution does not allow for the government to be more authoritarian. That it looks out for the citizen way too much. After 8 long years of the Obama Administration putting as many roadblocks as possible in the pathway to profitable business, President Trump has been like a giant snow plow, getting rid of them. Why? He wants business people in this country to be concerned with normal risks so they can make a normal profit. When the government puts too many risks in the way of businesses, many businesses throw in the towel and quit. Who loses? The workers.
However for the Left, it is though they have blinders on. Why can't we force people to do things? Especially businesses? Because people on the Left, this is the United States of America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Home of the best economy in the world. We have become that way because we are capitalists. Not socialists, capitalists. Capitalists live on reward. They spend lots of time and money to mitigate risk so they can make a profit.
The City of Minneapolis is hell bent on driving every business out of town. Taxes and over regulation are killers. Mandatory minimum wages for unskilled workers are killers. Businesses will either fold up, move, or become very expensive. Why does not the Mayor and City Council understand this? Have you seen this group? Heard their logic when they talk? Straight from the Haight Ashbury district in the 60's.
People wonder why Donald Trump has such good numbers with the economy. He is a capitalist, and has been one his entire life. He understands business. He understands risk and reward. Most importantly, he understands this country, and the freedoms it affords to people - including business owners.