That battleship in the bathtub thing…

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"As powerful as we like to think we are, we are not going to wreck this planet. It will survive. We will survive."

I was going to write about this at the start of the state fair, but crap - I forgot. Why the first day at the fair? As we were wandering by the Excel Energy booth, we encountered some youngins Excel had hired to "spread the word". They were so giddy and high, I almost wanted to drug test them. What were they giddy about? Excel Energy is going to be 100% renewable by 2050! Kiss those carbon causing fossil fuels goodbye! But wait - I did some quick math in my head. That is only 31 years from now. Are these kids nuts? This state, this nation, has a long, long way to go to get off fossil fuels by 2050.
Now kids, I admire your enthusiasm - I really do. And I understand that for years, you have been taught by nitwits in government schools, who do not know spit about reality. So let me help. Today, in 2019, over 60% of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels. 30% of that being coal. And even with those numbers, with the growth in demand we are seeing (and what is projected), we have been lucky not to have had any brown-outs, or the dreaded black-outs. Putting this in plain vernacular for you kiddos, we will need ever cf of natural gas, every drop of oil, and every pound of coal, just to get by.
Before I sound like the resident grump, let me first say this - I am with you. I think we are going to be on a better fuel source of fuel in the future. Just not in the 31 years future. Meanwhile, many of our city and state "planners" have lost their collective minds. How so?
The fuzzy headed "greenies" in Minneapolis want all our new tall buildings to be powered by geothermal instead of natural gas. If they are already built - fine. Just retrofit them. Question for the collective planners (besides are you out of your freaking minds?): if geothermal was more abundant, and even it did cost a bit more money, don't you think the builders would have done this already? BUT THEY DID NOT! Why not? Geothermal on that scale is not ready for prime time as yet. If it was, it would already be used. Will it be ready later in this century? Maybe. Probably. But right now it is natural gas we are using for our tall buildings - which is something we have a butt load of.
Tonight, the Clown Car returns. We will hearing 10 or 11 idiots running for President tell us the following: "Day one of my administration, I will sign an executive order making the use of fossil fuels illegal!" Translation = If I had the power to do that, which I will not, it will put this great country back into the stone ages. Into a super depression.
Not one of these imbeciles in the Clown Car have the sense God gave geese. If they were truth talkers, they would tell us we are on the right road, and will get there. That every year, this country emits less and less carbon into the atmosphere. That China and India are the biggest culprits - not us. That is what the Clowns should say.
In any event, you can't turn a battleship in a bathtub. That is a fact. It ain't gonna happen. Cars will become more electric, light bulbs more efficient, our emissions cleaner. If we were really smart, we would short circuit the approval process, and break ground on about 5 to 7 new nuclear plants in 2020. As much as the "greenies" hate nukes, they sure put out clean emissions.
One more thing before I close. Can we take this entire man-made global warming discussion and put a sock in it? For once and for all? It gets in the way of viable solutions. As powerful as we like to think we are, we are not going to wreck this planet. It will survive. We will survive. Let's plan on something realistic, like 100% new and renewable by 2100. That is something we can all sign up to.