Pete Buttigieg, total lowlife

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Pete Buttigieg said something that’s beyond contemptible when he said “there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath, and so even that is something that we can interpret differently.”

What a pile of BS. If Buttigieg is going to make that statement, I want him to cite which book, which chapter and which verse these verses are found in. Otherwise, I’m not buying it. Frankly, I’m highly skeptical at this point.

I’ve read through the Bible cover-to-cover multiple times. There’s no way I’ll accept that as an honest statement. However, I’ll accept it as a partisan statement that’s meant to attract attention to himself and to attempt to appeal to religious voters. That’s been Mayor Pete’s schtick throughout this campaign.

Based on his statements in this article, I think it isn’t a stretch to think that he’s fine with infanticide. For instance, he’s quoted as saying “I think, no matter what you think about the kind of cosmic question of how life begins, most Americans can get on board with the idea of, alright, I might draw the line here, you might draw the line there, but the most important thing is the person who should be drawing the line is the woman making the decision.”

It’s apparent that ‘Mayor Pete’ isn’t a trained theologian. In fact, to a real Christian, it’s apparent that he’s a crackpot attempting to use religion to gain a partisan advantage. What a sick human being.

For the record, I disagree with people who call themselves pro-choice. I think they’re wrong. That being said, I don’t get upset about pro-choice people. I simple try to change their thinking.

Pete Buttigieg doesn’t fit into that category. Buttigieg is the worst type of charlatan. Not only is he a fraud but he’s a fraud for the worst possible motive.