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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrat political strategist David Axelrod warns a vacancy on the Supreme Court would tear the nation apart.
I don’t see how. Not if Democrats follow the Constitution. The President nominates some jurist, the Senate confirms her, the nation moves on.
The only way a problem could arise is if Democrats decide not to follow the Constitution, if they decide to stage a revolution to overthrow the Constitution through violence. That would tear the nation apart.
So what’s Axelrod saying: Democrats intend to tear the nation apart over one lousy Supreme Court seat?
If we’re looking at a threat to the nation’s very existence, maybe Trump should look to historical precedent, consider some of Abraham Lincoln’s tactics. Call up the National Guard to maintain order? Suspend habeas corpus. Jail dissidents without charges or trial. Harsh, but to save the nation, justified. And who could fairly complain – they brought it on themselves.
Joe Doakes

I’m all for doing all of that with those that want to abolish the Electoral College. The SCOTUS, even moreso.