Time to pay the piper…

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"We needed a former controller from a Fortune 500 company. One who knows how to FIRE PEOPLE, and find the truth."

Ladies and gentlemen of the heavily taxed state of Minnesota - this is going to be a most interesting fall. How do I know? Jodi Harpstead, meet Senator Michelle Benson. I have known Michelle for quite a while now, and I will tell you this - she is an analytical. She is an answer person. Clear, concise answers. And Michelle knows how to do her homework. She has a entire collection of questions for SOMEBODY at DHS to give clear, concise answers to. Hey Jodi! Tag! You're it!
This will be a little different Jodi, than importing scads of Muslims into Minnesota via your former VOLAG. That was a piece of cake compared to what lies in front of you. Your are about to step knee deep into Minnesota's version of the swamp. It is a mess. It is corrupt. It is way out of control. And Senator Benson is going to ask you what happened to $300M which is unaccounted for during the past three years.
What I am going to watch with great interest is how Ms. Harpstead handles the Somali daycare graft and fraud issue within the DHS. I mean, these are some of the people she helped plant here - and now they are screwing the taxpayer royal. BUT - because of their "protected" class, the local lap dog media has been very hush, hush on this issue. So are the socialists and the democrats. Not the taxpayers. We want our money back, and the evil doers punished!!
Speaking of people being punished, what ever happened to the woman who made big bucks while doing nothing? That be Ms. Ham. The auditor who let this larceny go on right under her nose. In a normal universe, she would be out looking for another job right now, with a terrible reference from her last one. However, in the alternate universe of Taxing Timmy, we just keep paying her taxpayer dollars. We love to reward bad behavior in Timmy's universe. Who cares? The taxpayers care, damit!
Of all the things the Democrats have screwed up in this state (and the amount of that is legion), what has happened with DHS takes the cake. If we had every misspent penny back from the past few years of DHS funding, I dare say not only would our seniors get a well deserved Social Security tax break, but our surplus would also look quite impressive.
One more thing. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT ALL THAT MONEY WHICH WAS ILLEGALLY SENT TO SOMALIA. Fact or fiction, truth or rumor. Let's clear the air on that issue. If it is true, I not only want people fired, I want the guilty parties doing hard time. Put that on your "to-do" list, Jodi.
Do I think Jodi Harpstead was a good hire? Absolutely not. I detest what her VOLAG has done to this state. We needed a former controller from a Fortune 500 company. One who knows how to FIRE PEOPLE, and find the truth. What is Jodi? Probably another round heeled, and weak kneed liberal. Go along, come along. Prove me wrong Jodi. Here is your chance. Make the most of it.