Who is best to decide?

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This election will come down to who the people think is best suited to make decisions. This isn’t just about whether President Trump is the best decider or whether it’s Bumbling Joe Biden, though that’s certainly part of it.

It’s also about governing philosophies. Nowhere is that more evident than in the fight between motorists and various transit authorities across the nation. In LA, they’re going through such a fight. This is a good depiction of what’s happening in LA:

Since 2013, public transportation in LA has seen a 24% decline, as commuters migrate to either their own cars to ride shares like Uber and Lyft. The reason is quite clear: mass transit is slower, less direct, and often entails sharing a bus with people who range from annoying to dangerous.

There’s more:

This is all very frustrating, of course, to the erudite bureaucrats who have been charged with getting the hoi polloi out of cars on to busses. This is especially true since the city is in the midst of a 40-year, $120 billion Maoist “master plan” to create a mass transit utopia.

Basically, there are two ways to influence consumer choice. You can either provide a superior product or service and entice change, or you can coerce people through the explicit or implicit threat of negative government sanction. In the eyes of the bureaucrat, there is only one way.

Providing a superior product is capitalism at its finest. It’s what’s produced the finest products in their categories. When the government tells a car company they must sell a certain type of car, sales of that type of car usually aren’t very good. If there was a demand for that type of vehicle, companies would’ve already started manufacturing it.

Compare that with the health insurance policies required by the ACA. They were such inferior policies that they couldn’t be sold except if they were forced down people’s throats with the individual mandate. Even with the penalty hanging over their heads, Democrats still couldn’t sell the ACA QHP (Qualified Health Plan) policies. Nothing says something’s a great product as the product that can’t be sold except at gunpoint.

This election is about electing a person that trusts people to make their own decisions vs. electing a person who thinks like this:

As Phil Washington, the bureaucrat in charge will lecture us, “Sometimes you have to tell people what’s good for them.”

Bernie Sanders certainly thinks that excessive government knows best. Joe Biden certainly thinks that forcing people to buy things is right. Does anyone think that Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t try shoving some form of Medicare-For-All down our throats?

It’s time for Republicans to come up with a single plan that lowers premiums and out-of-pocket expenses while increasing choices and returning decision-making to the people. The only way we come up with that plan, though, is if the politicians swallow their egos for the good of the team.

There’s no question the average family is best equipped to make decisions for their families. It’s time to tell Democrats that we want them out of the business of making our decisions.