Becky Otto’s final defeat

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It’s great to hear that Becky Otto’s final appeal fell on deaf ears at the Minnesota State Supreme Court in April. When the defeat was handed down, Otto tried her best to spin it as a partial victory, saying “Since the 2015 law change, certain counties have actively rejected the state auditor’s authority to review county finances once a private CPA conducted an audit. The Supreme Court has now made clear that the state auditor has authority and responsibility over county finances, including the authority to conduct additional examinations of a county following a private CPA firm audit, and that the counties are responsible for the costs.”

Rep. Eric Lucero and State Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer had the final say on that:

Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Dayton) and Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer (R-Big Lake) authored a bill to reimburse Wright County for the costs it incurred to defend the Otto case. That bill passed, and Wright received its money back. “The lawsuit brought by former State Auditor Rebecca Otto was arbitrary and frivolous from the beginning and this was confirmed with former Auditor Otto losing her lawsuit at every level including a unanimous ruling against her by the Minnesota Supreme Court,” Lucero said.

If Otto continues her political vendetta, Republicans should highlight her vindictiveness. Doing an additional audit after there’s already been an audit is an exercise in vindictiveness. It costs the counties extra money without much of a change in audit results. That’s the definition of vindictiveness.

Further, it isn’t the definition when the Supreme Court repeats what I said about the case in the first place. I first said that the Constitution established each of the constitutional offices but that legislation established the constitutional offices’ responsibilities. That’s almost verbatim what Chief Justice Lorie Gildea said in her opinion.