As If On Cue

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Amazingly enough, as the depravity of rank and file DFLers makes the news (a little) and the media is slowly shamed into covering the “irregularities” in Ilhan Omar’s personal and political life…

…voila! A death threat!

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar faces a new complaint alleging she used campaign money to pursue a romantic affair.
That happened while Omar released information Wednesday about a death threat. The written threat says Omar “won’t die alone,” and it would likely happen at the Minnesota State Fair.
Sources tell WCCO it’s the reason the Democratic congresswoman didn’t give advance notice of where she’d be when she visited the fair on opening day.

Rep. Omar released on Twitter Wednesday afternoon immediately following a tense series of exchanges with reporters as she left a town hall meeting.

First things first: don”t be threatening your opponents.

But I wonder, if you asked republican state legislators, especially the women, how many death threats they get as a matter of course?

I mean, I’ve gotten death threats. I know conservative female bloggers who get some of the most vile, ghastly threats you can imagine – and some you probably can’t.

Do Congresspeople take death threats seriously? Sure they do – but for every James Hodgkinson, there have got to be 10,000 cramks who make threats because it gives them the illusion of having some power in this world.

I’m going to speculate that Ilhan Omar has a stack of death threats – and so does pretty much every pol that gets any national attention. The fact that this one just happens to have been received when the local media is finally starting to pay attention to the many charges building up against Omar, and that it happens to mark off all of the DFL‘s checkboxes, just seems a little too perfect, doesn’t it?

Almost as if William Davis or Matt Roznowsk wrote it – or at least touched it up.

I said “almost”. Perish the thought.

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